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We live in the world today where everyone is focusing more so on technology as well as social media. When it comes down to individuals within the home based business industry, it’s challenging to take marketers word at face value nowadays due to the lies. And photoshop screenshots of so-called proof of income from a business opportunity which is precisely why I no longer. Believe in the phrase “Documentation Beats Conversation” anymore sure back in the day.

I thought that documentation did beat conversation nowadays its like water off a duck back because producing or showing proof of results. Doesn’t prove much of anything anymore there’s a lot of smoke. And mirrors going on here, in other words, there’s hype, deception, and nonsense taking. Place with this fake it til you make it lifestyle that’s plastered all over. Social media unfortunately what’s not being revealed or made public. Is what goes on behind the scenes that have contributed to their success.


 To obtain or acquire success; it takes a strong set of core skills to create success; unfortunately, success isn’t going to happen by osmosis; in fact, you have to be taught. The exact tasks, actions, or behaviors that yield results. Furthermore, we have to stop assuming that because we’re associated with someone that success.

Will automatically or magically rub off on us. In any shape, form, or fashion unfortunately what’s good for the geese isn’t always good for the gander. Look a huge part of success requires you to become an effective communicator let me. Put it to you this way to have the ability to communicate effectively you have to know what it is that people want and need.

 When you hon in on this particular skill you will. Then have the ability to close sales at will in addition to keeping what you sell sold.


Look, I’ve opened my arms to welcome you here, but I cannot welcome you here with open arms and not fill you in on the cold hard facts honey! One fact for sure is that the money that you seek to earn comes from other people since we’re still talking about effective communication if you want, to become an authority figure or as.

A leader then you cannot be a one trick pony. Meaning that you cannot know how to obtain massive results for yourself and not have the ability. To teach others how to do the same thing that you did to get better or even more significant results than your own.

Hey, it’s one thing to tell someone how to do something however it’s a total game changer when you can explain and show them step by step what to do in the most basic and elementary or most straightforward way possible. So that those that are looking for results or solutions will have a clearer understanding of what it is that they need to do to get the outcome that they desire.


Unfortunately, many top income earners or leaders that we admire and respect have the skills and the knowledge to obtain. Or acquire results at will; however, they lack the time. And patience to teach their downline members step by step how to yield massive results at will in the most.

Ethical and moral way possible therefore failure to do this causes those leaders to jump. Into another opportunity, because their team members are struggling to earn a significant income, therefore. Instead of buckling down and teaching their downline what to do they prefer to prolong their downlines success.



If you are reading this article and you are someone that’s currently new, struggling, failing, and frustrated marketer. That is looking for help or looking for someone to give you the real deal. Then know that you do not have to continue down. This path of not knowing what to do or where to start.

Look, if you’re currently in multiple companies and you’ve yet. To see any results then it’s highly advisable that you. Must become successful with one opportunity before joining others. Therefore, you need a fresh start. You’ve got to do something different to get something that you never had before.

Furthermore, I would love to welcome you into my coaching program whereas you can get. All the resources, skills, support, tools and training that you. Need to succeed; however, you cannot participate in all your business opportunities and be able to focus on your education. At the same time know that no matter what that.

You got this, and you will become successful in this industry by reducing your learning curve to 90 days or less with my coaching program. However that all depends on you and the work ethic that you have and if you’re coachable, teachable and ready to roll up those sleeves to get to work

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