Trust: Finding Trust Worthy People Online

Who Can You Trust Online

In the world that we live in today, it’s hard to put your faith and trust into people. Because you don’t know who has your best interest at heart, that’s why it’s best to go by people’s actions instead. Of their words because unfortunately, people’s words will fail you every time.

Hey, with that said you being here reading this article today well, it can only. Mean that you’re here for a reason of course and it can only be one or a few reasons that have brought you here. Now I’m no psychic or anything of the sorts; however, I get the feeling that you’re here because of the following:

  • You’re struggling with your current business because you’ve yet to produce any reliable, strong, and long-lasting results.
  • You are failing in your current business. You are at your wits end ready to throw in the towel and quit because nothing is working in your favor. You want and need the help, but unfortunately, at this point, you don’t know who to trust, follow, or listen to for that matter.
  • You’re on the outside looking in, and you seriously want to learn how to earn a significant income online. On the flip side of that perhaps you’ve recently gotten started in the industry. However, you don’t know what to do next or where to start.

Do You Know Who To Trust Online?

Now you could not have across this article at a better time. Or in other words, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. After all, this is the place where new, struggling, and failing marketers can finally succeed online.

If this is your first time seeing any of my content, then you’ll quickly discover that every article that I’ve ever written every video that’s published is done so from an educational perspective — giving you practical concepts, principals, and best business practices. To help you make logical, sound, and well-informed decisions regarding your business endeavors.

It’s All About Know, Like & Trust!

getting people to know, like, and trust you

With that said, everyone has a different way of learning and processing things. Some of us can pick up on things rather quickly by merely paying attention to what’s going on in our surroundings while some learn by way or through the mistakes or life lessons of other people. Finally, some of us have to learn by way of our own mistakes.

Now where business and financial success are of concern. It’s best or highly advisable to work with someone that. You know, of course, but most importantly let it be someone that you hold to a high regard. That has credibility and reliability you can depend on, you know.

I said all of that to say that there are some crooked people in this world. Some of them sit up all night thinking of ways to deceive good people out of their hard earned money. However, this is precisely why it’s crucial for you to understand that the person, people, or company. That you work with as a distributor or as a consumer absolutely matters.


I am continually saying that everything that I share with you. I’ve already been there seen it and got the t-shirt. In hindsight, I was naïve and dumb because I bought into the white picket fence or the pipe dream if you will. That other marketers were feeding me. I bought it all because it sounds good and because I wanted to achieve financial freedom. Therefore, I fell for everything hook line and sinker.

What I’m saying to you is don’t make the same mistakes that I did — doing business with people that I didn’t even bother to build a relationship with before diving into business with them head first.


warning people not to get duped online

And this is why I cannot stress this enough to not only do your due diligence. On the marketer that’s recruiting you but also research the company as well. Check out the company website to see the founder or any team members or board of directors. See if any of them have their website or have a presence on social media.

Why? Because if something were to go left, for instance, that you didn’t receive your payment for a sale. Or even as a customer let’s say that your credit card is overcharged for that month. Therefore, you want to know that someone responsible is in place to handle things on a legal level if push comes to shove. In my opinion, you have to come out with guns a blazing when it comes to you and your money. I say that because you have every right in the world to know who you’re doing business with as well as where your money is going. Therefore, the only way to do that is by asking questions and giving people the third degree in a proper manner, of course.

Now with that said it’s oh so easy on these internet streets to get duped. Therefore, you have to stop falling for the tomfoolery. Meaning these doctored and botched “proof of results” type of screenshots and flashing cash from their so-called success. If the marketer that’s recruiting you doesn’t have a self-hosted and professionally branded website chock-full, of educational content related to the industry, then that marketer isn’t the one for you.


I’ve been doing this long enough to tell you that. You’re going to come across people in this industry and in life that generally fall. Into two separate categories and I typically refer to them as action takers. As well as BS talkers or gum bumpers if you will, therefore, if you are serious about your business. And you want to learn everything there is to learn about how to create, sustain, and maintain success correctly. (a go-getter hungry for success show you want to do and watch out a real action taker) On the other hand, if you’re someone that talks a good game.

Regarding achieving your dreams of time and financial freedom. Unfortunately, you don’t take the necessary actions towards learning how to achieve the time and financial freedom the right way. You prefer to depend on done for you marketing systems to do all the work for you ( BS talker or Gum Bumper)

Now I promised to bring you relentless education related to the home based business industry come hell or high water. However, I don’t charge you a dime for this information at all. Therefore, all I asked for in return is for you to honor your promise to me by staying subscribed. To my blueprint for success mailing list and for you to engage all of my content as well as participate in any and all ongoing conversations in the comment section. Furthermore, if there’s something that you don’t understand, please ask questions and don’t ever be afraid to approach me with questions.

I have Someone That I Can Trust Now What?

Hey, that’s awesome! At this point, it’s time to kick things into high gear. If this person is a professional and is as serious as you are about helping you achieve success. You now have to know and understand that playtime is over you have to get focused and most importantly. You have to become accountable to your coach, mentor, or leader. However, in return, your mentor must also have accountability to you as well.

Having said that don’t you go doing any disappearing acts. When you know that you have not been accountable even in the slightest bit to your coach, in other words, what I’m saying is don’t ducking and dodging them because it’s truly a slap in the face. To them and it’s also downright disrespectful to waste the valuable time of someone that’s helping you.

Again talk is cheap these days; therefore, it is your duty to make people put their money where their mouth is. Another way to saying it is to make people prove to you that they’ve done what they’re telling you. Don’t accept any screenshots as proof either and at the. End of the day know that it’s not what you say, but it’s how you say it, therefore, if someone becomes angry about you asking for real legitimate proof, then they aren’t as trustworthy or transparent as you thought. On the other hand, someone such as myself would have no problem with providing you with the proof that you need to gain — your faith, trust, and of course, your business.



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