Opening The Pandora’s Box On Trading

Trading 101


Home Based Business: Trading Genre

Trading marks the 6th part of this home-based business series that I’ve been doing these last few weeks here. Let’s quickly review the different genres that have been discussed so far, shall we? All right here we go with the following genres:

1) Health & wellness

2) Traffic leads sales and training

3) Financial Services

4) Travel Services

5) E-commerce

In this particular profession no scratch that in general, you’ll find that some people like using the phrase “Fake till you make it” and often. You’ll see celebrities telling this very thing. To their fans although for me it seems to build up a false sense of hope in people.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to fake anything honestly you should be “real” with yourself. As well as with other people around you. Yes, tell the truth because after all honesty is the best policy right? 

Continuing With The Home Based Business Series

Therefore don’t allow these celebrities, internet network marketers to fool you. With all the glitz and glamor of which they flaunt all over social media. Guys, when you find out the truth about these people and the lifestyle that they truly live you’d be appalled

Sadly with the ways that things are looking now. It’s as if people have gotten so far away from being genuine and honest. I am guessing it’s because of the generation that we live in people. Are more prone to believe a lie faster than they would accept the truth because lies tend to tickle. Peoples ears because nobody wants to hear the truth because the truth hurts.

The Most Confusing Genre Ever!


For the last 21/2 years, I have been studying and becoming more educated. About the home based business industry. However, during this phase of my career, my love and respect for this profession have grown times 10. 

Although for the past 9 years I have dabbled in different genres over the years. Somehow some way I always find my way back into health and wellness. I’ve never been involved with trading before.  At one point I was seriously considering getting into trading, but I decided against it because I didn’t understand having to read charts and graphs and watching “pips” I believe that’s what they’re called not for sure on that.

I certainly didn’t know anyone personally that had the necessary knowledge and skills to teach me how to trade correctly. Therefore, I  left well enough alone. Thus if you’re a new, frustrated, or struggling marketer, then I will not recommend for you to jump into trading with no prior knowledge or skills about trading at all.

Now if you must do trading. Beyond any means necessary, then you want someone in your corner that has success and can produce proof of their results. In addition to being in a position to teach you how to get into profit and generate results of your own. 





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