My Name Is Tynesha Renee & This Is My Story!

This Is My Story & I’M Sticking To It!

Hey guys, thanks again for stopping by to listen to my story and find out more about exactly who Tynesha Renee is. First and foremost my full name is Tynesha Renee Sales burned and raised in the heart.

Of Birmingham, Alabama, I am genuinely a quiet and shy person. However, at the same time, I enjoy having fun and bringing joy, laughter, and light into other people lives. However when I am not busy helping others to grow their business/income.

Or when I am not spending time with my family. I am off into my own little world with computers, gaming, or anything dealing with electronics and technology. Meanwhile, in 2009, I went to college and I was working on my bachelor’s degree in game software development.

Eventually, I transferred schools and I started working towards my associate’s degree. In Network engineering and I received that degree in December of 2011.

Family History

I am so humbled and belted to have the privilege to be a part of this family. I owe a great deal of my life to my parents and my grandparents.

Yes, they’re the people that are responsible for the Tynesha Renee that you have before you today. Now in the video above you’ll hear me talk a great deal about my mothers’ parents. Unfortunately, you will never hear Tynesha Renee make mention of my fathers’ mother.

Don’t get me wrong I respect her as my fathers’ mother true enough but sadly to say. That I honestly don’t know her personally. However, I do know of her but we don’t have a close relationship as I did with my now deceased grandparents on my mothers’ side.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Tynesha Renee

My mother wanted to become a stay home parent like my grandmother. Unfortunately, over the course of my life, I watched my mom try different business ventures such as mlm. Sadly nothing worked in her favor within the home-based business profession. Therefore, she heard about an opportunity to open up a cleaning service in 2004. 

That business was working like gangbusters. Sadly due to health issues, my mom decided to close the business after 10+ years of service. Although during those years in 2009 I decided to become a part of the home based business industry.

Whereas I have gained as of the time of this article 9 years of experience within this profession. Sure I’ve had my fair share of failures within this profession. However, I wouldn’t trade my journey or my experience for anything in the world. Therefore if you are someone that’s looking to get started in this industry. Or you’re looking for ways to grow your income simply reach out to me so that I can help you to turn up the heat within your business, income, or project. With a down south twang of extra spice and flare.

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