The fact you’re seeing this online there is a 50/50 chance that you arrived here on your own. The other possibility I sent you here personally. There are two main categories of skills the Coaching Services covers. The first is Internet Marketing. The second is Network Marketing. I teach both skills.

Internet Marketing first. This is the most intensive training that you’re going to experience in the program.  What is it exactly? This is where you professionally brand yourself by using digital branding, marketing, and advertising tools to leverage the full power of the entire internet. You have to have your own stuff.

  1. Want to generate traffic you must have a website.
  2. Need to convert leads you need a lead capture system.
  3. To produce sales, you must have a product or service and skills to market and sell it.
  4. To automate your sales process, you must be able to build great sales funnels.

It is very imperative to understand the importance of having your own website if you seek to create anything online. You give yourself maximum leverage, flexibility, and versatility. Your level of seriousness concerning success will be determined by how much control you seek to have. One problem the home based business industry created has severely damaged the distinction between what true entrepreneurship is. The concept of done for you marketing has completely diminished what made the industry great. To many no longer critically think for themselves.

The industry has always been centered around selling and recruiting. Whoever drops the hammer of value down the hardest wins. Using my COACHING SERVICES the first thing you do is build a professional website that brands you. Don’t worry my training platform will teach you exactly how to do that in 2 hours time.



The concept is supposed to be simple. Buy a product or service, use it or consume it, have a great experience with it, share it with others, get paid. Do something right one time, earn over and over.

Network Marketing comes second. Due to the fact that success is based on influence, willingness to help others. Its determined by the relationships you build and maintain. Everything is consistently riding on your ability to create a culture or the atmosphere conducive to success. A constant supply of endless:

  1. education
  2. training
  3. motivation
  4. and inspiration is required.

The network marketing arena lacks innovation. They don’t provide adequate tools or training. You want to see results in this business you have to hire a coach. Unfortunately many refuse to roll up the sleeves and help someone get the results they want. With today’s technology and resources, I don’t believe there is any excuse whatsoever to not invest in better training. You have plenty of top earners who have plenty of money. They have enough care to collect a check. The time always comes to help and give back they are of no concern.

Using my COACHING SERVICES you’re going to learn structure, consistency among many things. You must be able to deliver a constant flow of value. Recruiting is not the challenge. It may appear that way for the majority. The true challenge is retaining the network after someone has joined. You want strong lasting results that exceed 90 days or less. A lousy industry average standard.


My Coaching Services

Requirements to get into my coaching program :

  1. You must have opted onto the mailing list we live coaching events weekly the only way to attend is if you’re on the list CLICK HERE
  2. You’re going to need a domain name that brands you or what you do to build a website. CLICK HERE
  3. I am going to host your domain name for you for $10/Month
  4. You will need to subscribe to my coaching fee that price is private and exclusive only to you.
  5. Tools are required to give you the marketing capabilities – email autoresponder, broadcast system, RSS Feed, FB Lead Generation Tool$20/Month
  6. Choose a lead capture and sales funnel software –  The original price is $197 as a client you get a big discount of a one time $125. We have 2 payment options 3 payments of $50 or 7 payments of $25

The marketing tools, lead capture, and sales funnel software does not have to be purchased up front until you get deeper into the training.

 Part of the extended benefits is saving you money while reducing your learning curve and providing you value that far exceeds the cost of what you actually pay. All services are available as digital informational products and can be purchased at retail price.

Highly competitive, organized with result driven innovation behind it.

13 Modules 28 Minute Course Value $500 – you’re going to learn how to set up your website & prepare to brand yourself with it.

9 Modules 44 Minute Course Value $1000 – you’re going to learn how to make your site perform at maximum potential.

7 Modules 50 Minute Course Value $2000 – you’re going to bring your site to 100% completion knowing how to install every possible content type.

9 Modules 45 Minute Course Value $4000 – you’re going to build your lead capture & sales funnels


After the completion of phase 1- 4, you’re moved on to our Sprint Training. The design of this training is to get you the fastest results as humanly possible. Perfect for those who have established followers. You’ve learned how to build the tools. It becomes time to find out how to use the tools. Here is the list.

  1. You’re going to learn the four different ways of marketing.
  2. Pick a marketing style.
  3. Choose a path
  4. Schedule 1st Coaching Session

After you discover the marketing style, you want to use and stick to it. You need to decide if you want to build a particular primary business or generate a private income. After the decision is made you qualify for your first coaching session.

Depending on the scheduled session the marathon training will open up. There is a lot to learn. Over 4 years of professional internet marketing experienced packed into it. Over 20 years of professional network marketing experience packed into it. No stone left unturned.

There is more a lot more!

Detailed Itinerary

When considering to come into my coaching program you have to come in with the proper perspective. That is results in the form of traffic, leads, and sales. We are on the internet. In order to leverage the entire online world, you’re going to need tools. 

Professional Internet Marketing Tools 

Tools bring you the utility & capability to produce the desired profitable results online in the first place. 

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Lead Capture & Sales Funnel Page Software

Professional Internet Marketing Training

Learning the tasks & behaviors that yield concrete results that lead to profits is absolutely crucial simply having the right tools is not enough. You not only learn how to build your tools but what to put behind them to give them the substance that makes them useful.

Professional Internet Marketing Resources

Resources are critical this is what provides the possibilities we have to create or give value in the first place, it gives us the ability to expand our reach and provide protection.