multilevel network marketingMultilevel Network Marketing: Let’s Set The Record Straight

Multi-level Network Marketing is a highly sought after business model of the century. A lot of people nowadays prefer this model more than the traditional business model. Due to all of the misconceptions that surround multilevel network marketing as well as the entire home based business industry. It has a lot of people under the impression. That all they have to do is join a business, and money instantly rolls into one’s bank account.

However, this profession is based purely on word of mouth or belly to belly marketing. It’s no different than you recommending a restaurant or movie to a friend that’s looking to try something new. Unfortunately, you don’t earn any money from recommending that restaurant or film to your friend. However, you do receive payment for sharing your testimony from products or particular services that you’ve purchased. 

Not only that, but you also get a slice of the pie when other people. Share their experiences and testimonies with others. When this usually happens, you’re now leveraging the efforts of other people. Here’s a quick history lesson for you. The multilevel network marketing profession was birth in the 1940s. The core foundation or the heart of the industry is selling and recruiting, and you cannot escape that.

multilevel network marketingWhy I’m So Passionate About Providing Education & Value

Here’s why I am so passionate about providing education and value for you. I’ve been in your shoes before, whereas I was looking for help and answers from the wrong people. Therefore because of my terrible experience, I’ve made it my mission to spread awareness, education, and clarity to help those marketers coming up behind me achieve success.

On another note, it truly saddens me and breaks my heart into tiny pieces when I see new, seasoned, as well as failing and struggling marketers. That chooses to follow other marketers that have no ethics, morals, or values. Yet, these particular marketers that they decided to follow. Enjoy flashing cash as well as the lifestyle that the business has afforded them to be able to quote on quote live now.

Still On My Passion For Helping Other People Grow & Prosper

As tough as it may be for you to read this, the truth has to brought to the forefront. It’s ever so easy to attach yourself to people that you think are successful. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that believe in taking shortcuts and in faking it until they make it.

Sadly, having this particular mindset within the network marketing industry. Is keeping a lot of marketers stuck at ground zero. It’s unfortunate that when I. Provide this type of knowledge to marketers that are either new, failing, or struggling. I get blocked, cussed out, or unfriended on social media because the person that I am conversing with isn’t prepared to accept real knowledge. 

 Sadly, other marketers are flashing cash and lying to people that. Are new and just getting started in the business. Yet, those that are new failing and struggling to find their way would rather. Listen to someone that flashes cash online all day instead of listening to someone that has the education, skills, and the necessary training for success.

Multilevel Network Marketing What They’re Keeping From You!

multilevel Network Marketing

The network marketing industry, as an entirety, has a near 100% failure rate. It is of my opinion that the failure rate. Is this high because we have so many people that. Are falling for the same traps and snares time and time again. Therefore you need to gain yourself an education — some experience, as well as some form of skills. Despite what you’ve been told, it takes more than spamming your website online to generate a commission.

The fact of the matter is that no one enters this profession and earns a significant income right out of the gate like that. You have to crawl before you can walk; it’s not the other way around now.

Furthermore, as much as people enjoy bashing others for still having a job. Speaking of having a job, no employer on planet earth is going to allow an employee to work for them without being properly educated and trained. Education and training are both essential. In mlm or any other business model for that matter, therefore please do not allow anyone else to tell you something different.

Still Setting The Record Straight

Every day more and more people look to the internet to build their fortune. Unfortunately, I see far too many people that are either eager or in a desperate position to earn money. They’re willing to promote anything that’s attached to a compensation plan. With that said, you cannot sit on your hind parts all day long, hoping and praying for someone to come along and do the work for you.

Therefore if time, as well as financial freedom and wealth generation, is what you’re after, and you want the checks to start rolling into your bank account. Then your primary focus should be on creating yourself a solid base of customers so that. You can begin to service those clients with your product or service.

Once you have built yourself a nice amount of customers that love your product or service, it’s then time for you to put yourself in position to leverage from the efforts of other people, which means that you have to recruit people onto your team, and the best way to do that. Is by asking your current customers if they’re interested in earning money with the product or service that they love. At this point, when you have people on your team. It becomes your responsibility to teach your team the skills that will allow them to prosper within the business.

A harsh reality is that if no products or services are being sold, then no one is earning any money whatsoever. That’s why you must have the education, knowledge, skills, tools, and training so that your team can eat; more importantly, they can finally achieve time and financial freedom with your guidance and support.

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