Hey, thanks for much for taking the time. Out of your busy day to come and check out this piece of information here. Now if this is your first time arriving here to this site. Then allow me the pleasure of welcome you to the place where new or struggling marketers can finally succeed. My name is Tynesha Renee, and I am the found and the creator of this here fine establishment and with that said. I want you to feel welcomed here because my house is your house. Now here’s the deal you are. In the right place at the right time because you can quickly become familiar. With the other articles of which I’ve written over the last few months or so.

MultiLevel Network Marketer

MultiLevel Network Marketing Profession

By all means, please feel free to click anywhere within this article and. Get yourself up to speed or caught up on my previous articles. Now over the course of these last couple of months. I’ve had the liberty to cover and talk about the following topics:

Therefore the entire purpose of this website. And everything that I do within this profession. Drives my passion for providing people like yourself. With as much value as I possibly can you know without taking up too much for your time.

Writing articles such as this one brings me so much joy and pleasure because it gives me. A chance to provide value and education to people. I appreciate having the ability to break things down in such a way that it gives people more confidence that they have a better understanding of what they are. Getting involved with before they get too deeply involved.

Having said that if you’ve been reading. Any of my articles for any length of time. You will discover that I talk a lot about the misconceptions within the industry. In addition to that this industry has 3 different niche markets if you will.
You have affiliate, CPA, and multilevel marketing yet out of the 77 years that this profession has been around. Nobody is teaching network marketers the truth. You see the majority of internet and network marketers today tend to think that they. Are more than what they’re truly are.

Everyone is under the illusion that they are entrepreneurs. When unfortunately it’s just another huge lie that continues to plague this industry. Why do I say this you ask?

Well, I say this because of what the industry has become today. And what I mean by that is that there is a lot of deceit, lies, and manipulation that is plaguing the industry as we know it. It’s sad to see so many multilevel network marketers that are unaware. Of the manipulation in which they are under and. It’s unfortunate that these unaware marketers are following wolves disguised in sheep clothing right into the lion’s den. Whereas for those of us that are more aware of what’s going on.

Are You an Arrogant Marketer?

Multilevel Network Marketer Arrogance

Aren’t talking much about the issues at hand here. And I have a problem with people turning a blind eye to what’s going on behind the scenes. Here lately marketers seem to have some arrogance about themselves. So much so that they belittle people that still. Have full-time jobs, and that can only afford to work their businesses on a very part-time basis.

I am speaking from experience on this because at one point in my life. I fell into the exact manipulation, and I quickly found. Myself belittling people that were still working full-time jobs. Then one day a friend sent me a message on Facebook.

She let me have it because I was certainly in the wrong. In that particular situation. We had a good conversation about it, and I walked away learning a great lesson that day for sure. Having said all of that please take the mistake.
In which I made and let that be a life learned a lesson for you. This industry was never intended to bash or tear people down based upon their employment or income status. In fact, this industry should very well operate off 100% value. In the form of education, inspiration, motivation, and training.

Most internet and network marketers alike often time. Find themselves idolizing the 6,7, and 8 figure earners. Although what the newer marketers fail to understand. Is that no matter how easy the top leaders of this profession. Make fame and success appear to be with the flashing of cash and flaunting of luxury cars and home and what not.

It’s important for you to know that it wasn’t always like that for these top industry leaders. They had to start from the bottom and work their way up towards the top. In other words, you have to crawl before you can walk.

“comparison is the thief of all joy. So never compare yourself to anyone else in this world. Because it only makes you resentful, angry, bitter, jealous, and unproductive.”

As a multilevel or network marketer I am confident that. You know that this industry is not a walk in the park. Therefore it’s important for you to know and understand that failure comes before success so when you start looking up to these mega 6,7, and 8 figure earners.

You have to consider the fact that. Those people have been in the industry for years again they. Too at one point in their lives were broke before. Becoming the well know people that you respect today.

Do You Know What A MultiLevel Or Network Marketer Is?

Multilevel Network MarketerUnderstanding The Network Marketing Profession

Of course, as we all know that mlm is the greatest industry in the world. For me, I started to get serious about the multilevel profession in 2009 when I became a representative for Avon. Although way before that I remember my first experience of being a multilevel network marketer. Came from my mother and what she was promoting.

At the time I believe the company was called TBA Two. Where were selling eBooks for $5.00 I remember my mom calling up everyone that she knew at the time. To introduce them to the e-book business but unfortunately, no one was interested.

Now going back to my own experience as an Avon representative. I remember all the flyers and pull tab styled fliers that I created and passed out. In addition to the brochures that I put out all over town. Looking back on it now at the time I only had 4 customers, and they were all family members.

For the life of me, I could not get any more customers. People were taking my brochures home with them. But instead of placing an order with me they in fact ordered. From someone else instead yes those were the days.

Fast forward to the present day I am still a fan and firm believer in the multilevel network marketing profession. Therefore depending on when you come across this particular article. I am currently not involved with an mlm opportunity at this time.

However, my primary focus is on my internet and network marketing coaching program.

Do You Know What A Multi-Level Or Network Marketer Is?

Understanding The Network Marketing Profession

Having said that the mlm industry for the last 77 years it has indeed left a bad impression on a lot of people. Whether it’s corporate leadership failing to teach their multilevel network marketers.

The correct marketing strategies that they should use to generate profitable results within their business. On the other hand, whether it’s all the drama that takes place on social media among other network marketers. Unfortunately, this turns people off on being a multilevel network marketer. So much so that most people prefer doing CPA marketing or e-commerce because they can focus on just earning money.

Without worrying about the hassle of trying to recruit people. In to do the business with them.  Having said that whenever you come across this article and. You are a multilevel network marketer. That’s longing for strong long lasting results in your business.

It does not matter to me whether it’s an affiliate, CPA or mlm business because my coaching program can help you in 1 or 2 ways here.

  1. It can help you build your primary business
  2. It can help you to build a private income

If you are a multilevel network marketer and you  want to have some strong long lasting results in your business. In regards to generating more traffic, leads, and more sales. Then I provide 100% free education to anyone that want to become educated about this industry. Click here  to get an inside glimpse of what my coaching program has to offer you.



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