Learning Is A Critical Part Of Success

Do you believe that actions speak louder than words? I believe that with every fiber of my being, in my opinion, there are numerous. People that enjoy bumping their gums. Meaning that they enjoy hearing themselves talk; unfortunately, they aren’t about any action at all. When you’ve been in the industry for as long as I have or longer you. Will develop the skill of being able to tell the difference between those that are. Just talking from those that are serious about learning how to become successful.

Take myself as an example here before I became educated about this industry. I was taught to guilt trip people that couldn’t afford to join my business or purchase any products. Of course, now that I am a professional internet and network marketing coach. I no longer guilt trip or make anyone feel bad about their financial status; instead, I create, produce, and publish 100% free content.

Still On The Critical Part Of Success

Because I’m passionate about helping people. Get on the right path towards success so that, they can have a more practical approach for learning how. To make sound and logical decisions, while avoiding the hype, deception, and nonsense in the industry today. Now, if you’re looking for training then I suggest. That you take a look at my coaching program. So that you can learn the proper skills to create sustain and maintain the success that you’ve created.

Still Learning Here!

When I create, produce, and publish content. I put my blood, sweat, and all kind of elbow grease in all of my content that I give away for free. You’ll be amazed at how many people bypass free information. Now, if you are new, struggling failing or frustrated in this profession, yet you avoid free information that can help you. Then that’s when I have to start looking at you sideways.

I say that because I made you a promise that. I will give you 100% free relentless education. Regarding the home based business industry come hell or high water as long as you keep your promise to opt-in to receive the free education that I have.

Failure to comply with this agreement says to me. That free content is certainly not on your radar and well, as the elders say that you can lead a horse to water,  but you can’t make it drink.


Get A Load Of This!

Now with the near 100% failure rate that we have its safe to say that. A large number of marketers are confused, brainwashed, and downright lost. I’ve had people come to me and say that they’re finally ready to start learning how to do things correctly in our profession. However, they’ve permitted me to send them information to a 100% free webinar. They disappear off into the sunset, refusing to show up to a free webinar.

Bought Sense Better Than Borrowed

As I’ve been saying for a while now that there’s a lot of hype, deception, and nonsense in the industry. So much so that marketers are unfortunately brainwashed by what so-called gurus are telling them. If something sounds too good to be true then nine times out of ten, it usually is. Therefore the father and creator gave all of his children five senses. Meaning at some point or another common sense has to start kicking in somewhere. Because as with anything in life, someone has to teach and train you how to do things correctly.

You cannot expect to become an overnight success without any form of training whatsoever as some people would like you to believe. Look, it’s very imperative that you know and understand. That there are grimy people online that earn a boatload of money because you have yet to receive a thorough education on our profession.

Still Taking About Sense Here

Look, if you aren’t careful these same money grubbing people. Can take you through all sorts of traps and snares if you allow them to do so. That’s why I encourage you not to try and navigate through this profession alone. Because there’s a lot of moving parts to it that you don’t understand yet, therefore when people know that you’re green to the industry they’ll take advantage of you and not think twice about doing so.

It is in your best interest to learn from someone, such as myself. That puts out educational content to help you learn how to navigate through this profession while making well-informed logical and sound decisions.

Don’t Fall For The Foolishness!

You see some things that take place in our profession that I’m not happy with at all. Such as the deceit, lies, manipulation, and the smoke and mirror tactics that. A large number of marketers used to recruit others into their business. The way that these marketers promote their business opportunity, in my opinion, is what has damaged the reputation of the industry.

I can talk to you like this from experience. Unfortunately, I am not some fly by night person that’s blowing some smoke up your pants or kicking dirt in your eye. However, this is me saying to you that I fell for the flashing cash and the ultimate time and financial freedom lifestyle. As you can see by now that I talk about a lot of unpopular things that are going on today in our profession. Now it is in my opinion, that we have to start shedding a harsh light on these particular issues so that we can provide solutions. To these problems instead of sweeping them all under the rug as if they don’t exist.

Still Getting You Not To Fall For The Foolishness

Over the years, I’ve heard other people say that it’s best to watch what successful people are doing and follow suit. Ask yourself if you ever have seen any successful people flashing cash or flaunting their fabulous lifestyle to attract people to do business with them? Well, I’ll answer it for you absolutely not! These individuals have the core skills required to create success. They have more morals and standards to do business correctly. They make their money, and you don’t see or hear a word about it at all.

Look, this industry has so many clichés are pretty much worthless if you know what I mean. Such as the following: the proof is in the pudding, success leaves clues, or the iconic documentation beats conversation. These clichés mean absolutely nothing and quite honestly they’re keeping a lot of people broke. Those who keep believing the smoke mirrors or the facade these crooks are pushing.

I don’t know about you, but I have ethics, morals, and values. However, the way that my spirit is set up, I wouldn’t be able to live my life right knowing that I’ve scammed someone out of their life savings. Therefore, I believe in doing things correctly and honestly.

Don’t Lie To Obtain Success!

I’ve lost a great deal of respect for a lot of so-called leaders that flash money, cars, and their luxury rented house. They are fooling people into thinking that they have to flaunt the lifestyle to gain attention. Look you never want to flash cash or a lifestyle to garner attention because it’s a sad and very shallow way to get people to join your business.

In hindsight, I would leave anyone utilizing this form of marketing alone. Unfortunately, you cannot place all of your hopes and dreams of achieving success into someone else based on their success because you’re only going by what you’re seeing posted onto social media. Unfortunately, you cannot see what’s going on behind the scenes that have contributed to the success of that person you’re watching. Furthermore, you don’t have the slightest idea if they can do more than show you but teach you how to get results that’s if they’re getting results themselves.

Having said that everyone thinks that it’s some secret to success. However, there is no real secret to success at all. Whether you’re an internet marketer or a traditional belly to belly marketer, you have to have a core set of skills to succeed. To acquire these skills, you have to select someone of authority and expertise to teach and educate you properly. Because being properly educated is the key to the learning process.


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