Financial Education Is The Key To Financial Ruin

Financial Education Key

For some reason talking about finances and money, in general, is a sensitive as well as a very taboo topic to discuss. In my opinion, when the conversation regarding finances or money comes about, people tend to break into hives, sweats, or display anxiety. Either because they are too ashamed or embarrassed to want to discuss their financial woes. Typically when finances come to mind, what is it that you think about, huh?

People often dream of living the high life, or shall I say the more beautiful things in life. Such as a white picket fence with a house on a hill. Enough money to pay your bills or to provide the best education that money can buy for your children. And to, of course, travel around the world to the most beautiful and exotic places. While also being in the position to purchase your favorite brand clothing and cars. Of course, to be able to do all of these things, you’ll have to have excellent credit.

Getting Yourself Out Of Financial Ruin

Right now, as you’re reading this particular article having excellent credit may seem like a distant dream that you’re working so hard to achieve. Therefore, as you can probably tell, this article is going to cover the financial education services genre. Financial education services lands in the top third position within the home based business profession.

With that said, if you feel as though your life is currently in a financial crisis. Rest assured that your current financial status isn’t your fault at all. Why? Well, because for starters, no one has taken the time to provide you with the financial education that you need. Unfortunately, when you do not have the necessary financial knowledge, it becomes easy to make careless mistakes regarding your finances. 

Therefore, to pick yourself up out of the financial ruin that you’re in is going to take you doing the following four things:

  1. Making Sure That You Are Properly Educated
  2. Ensuring That Your Level Of Discipline Is On Point
  3. Preparing Yourself As Much As Possible
  4. Make Sure That You’re Taking Massive Action


You Need More Money Coming In!

Now to put yourself in a position to combat lousy debt or any financial mistakes that you’ve made over the years. It’s going to require you to make good on those mistakes by way of paying off all old debts. If you are currently in a situation whereas you have to rob Peter to pay Paul, then acquiring a second stream of income is highly recommend. Getting yourself a part-time job will certainly help you to save money.

Speaking of that, saving money is going to require you to sit down and map out a budget for yourself. That budget will help you stay on target as to how much money. You have to spend out of that budget so that you don’t overspend yourself. 

Acquiring More Money In Your Household

Furthermore, you may not have or want the option of working a second job. Now, this is where some people will tell you to pawn anything of value that you have within your home. I’ll never advise you to do anything of the sorts because I know that. I have a hard time parting with the things that I have of value in my home.

However, there is hope, my friend, because you can start a side hustle from doing things that you are. Passionate about doing, such as cooking, baking, painting, and writing, etc. In other words, turn your skills into a resourceful income stream. If you do not want to go that route, then the internet is full of businesses that you can build from the comfort of your home. You can get started with affiliate, cpa, or even do internet marketing of that’s what you want to do.

It’s Time To 10X Your Income

Now, if you have the means to do this, meaning that you already have hefty savings stashed away. Then you should, by all means, want your income growing and working passively on your behalf. To do this is going to require you to acquire or obtain some assets. Whether its rental properties, stocks, and bonds. Something that will continuously work on your behalf as long as you continue to invest your money wisely and not foolishly. With that said, if you want to receive sound and quality advice on this, then I highly suggest that. You do your due diligence and find someone, preferably a professional and licensed financial expert, to point you in the right direction.

Be Careful With The Path You Choose!

Choose Your Path

The internet is a massive body of information, both good and bad; therefore, I would be lying to you if. I didn’t tell you to be careful. The financial education services genre, both in as well as outside of the home based business industry, is very lucrative. However, you have to be mindful of people claiming how they can repair your credit and your finances for either a monthly or flat fee.

Especially when it comes to internet and network marketers that promote financial, educational services such as FES, MyEcon, and MWR Financial, unfortunately, numerous marketers that are affiliated with these particular companies. Use the internet and social media to post up misleading and sometimes doctored testimonials. Of how their credit has been miraculously scraped clean or how someone on their sponsors’ team increased their cashflow. All of this is done to drum up new customers and business builders.

Now, I am in no way, shape, form, or fashion a financial expert. However, in my personal opinion, you have two choices. One either you can go the free route and take the reigns of your financial situation yourself. Going this route is going to require you to have financial knowledge, discipline, and patience. Secondly, if you don’t have the time or patience to do that and you want to pay someone  $40 per month or a flat fee of $250 to $1500, then go ahead.

I prefer to do this myself, and I have since December of 2018. My credit scores were in shambles due to all the student loan debt that I incurred from 2009. As of This month, my scores have drastically improved to the 600 range. I did this by paying off all debts and applying for a new line of credit, using the newfound credit that I have as well as paying the bill on time when it arrives.


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