eCommerce: Is It The Right Genre For You?ecommerce

Upon doing your due diligence on the home based business industry, you will learn that. The founding fathers of this profession created the industry around selling and recruiting. Keep in mind that this profession is available for any and everyone that wants to participate. Therefore in this article, I’m going to discuss the 5th revenue generating genre eCommerce. 

If you are someone that is contemplating about doing e-commerce as a means to earn an additional source of income go right ahead, but please make sure that you understand. What you’re getting into, and I say that. Because if you’re trying to attempt this on your own and not have a real example to follow you run the risk of losing a lot of time and money.

With that said, numerous marketers tend to flock to e-commerce because they are running from having to recruit in other mlm opportunities. In my opinion, a lot of marketers weren’t thinking about the longevity of the business. It was more so all about instant sales and overnight success. Furthermore, in any business, you must have more revenue coming in than revenue going out. Or in other words, it’s about how long you can hold on to that earned income.

My Personal Experience With eCommerce

I have to admit that I’ve also dipped my toe into eCommerce twice and I couldn’t make a go of it at all. So I quietly exited stage left because this genre of business was not for me anymore. Honestly, I got involved in this particular genre because people kept saying how recruiting wasn’t required to obtain success.

Two Guys That Killed The Game At One Point

It is during this time in my career that I became fed up and disappointed with my lack of results. That I had a crazy and strange idea to build a business in my mothers’ name. I did that when I joined a travel business with Rashad Harvey and his mentor Christoper McCoy. Well, after that company folded, we immediately found a new home with Infinii. I didn’t stay in that business opportunity again because, for some reason, I could not grasp the concept for the life of me. 

Together these guys were, in my opinion, dominating the eCommerce game. Unfortunately, because I didn’t get the training I honestly felt dumb. You know seeing everyone else get the training and dropshipping products and earning a nice profit. Nevertheless, I have no idea how long Rashad or Christopher stayed with this company, as a matter of fact, my mind fell on them the other day. Of course, I took to social media to find them and unfortunately they’re both in the same insurance company now.


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