Everything starts with your own branded website
A professional lead capture and sales funnel system
An automated sales process and follow up system
Tools + Training = the skills and capabilities to succeed


The use of digital professional branding, marketing, and advertising tools, designed to leverage the full power of the entire internet for the purpose of generating or driving traffic.


It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from or what you know. You could be new, or a frustrated person who is struggling or failing to create success online. If you're ready to get the results you've been wanting this coaching program is what you've been looking for. My platform is going to greatly reduce your learning curve with powerful yet simple straight to the point, phase by phase and step by step result driven training. If you're hungry and not afraid to learn and implement my coaching style is tailored specifically to you as an individual. My coaching program beats out all others that you will find online in every aspect.


You need a domain name. This could be one that you already have and own that you want to use. Or you need to buy one. If you need to buy one just click anywhere in this text area. The reason why you need a domain name is I am going to host your website on my server and in order to do that I need you to have your own domain name to install it on. If you need some ideas for your domain name think of it as branding you, or what it is that you do. My number 1 recommendation is that you buy the shortest one that contains your name example mine ( CLICK HERE


When you get to phase four of my training its all about lead capture pages, sales funnel, and sales automation. This includes email marketing and follow up. You will need a lead capture and sales funnel software to have these capabilities. This is not something that you purchase today, right here or right now. ONLY WHEN YOU GET TO THAT PART OF THE TRAINING. I personally don't like surprises and I am sure you don't either so I am telling you the price options up front so there is no surprises later. You will have 4 options to acquire the software starting at the one time cost of $37


Again when you get to phase four in order to have the full capabilities of a full fledged professional internet marketer you need these tools and services. This is going to require an autoresponder service. These are necessary for collecting lead information as well as providing you with a way to automate your sales process. To create the success that you want you must be able to leverage your time and your money it's not optional and it's required if you're serious about creating time and financial freedom. The autoresponder costs $20/month to use. This is something you get later!


My objectives in addition to helping you build or create successful results with your business/income online is to save you time by reducing your learning curve and getting you into production faster than any of my existing competitors; the very few that still remain. Consider this a fresh start. Again remember this is just a recommendation this is not required at all. Everything from the tools and training provided to the services and resources that are revealed by my coaching program cover everything that you can imagine when it comes to branding, marketing, advertising and earning money online.

If you have other tools & services that are similar in nature to the ones that pertain to this coaching program mainly the ones mentioned above it's extremely & highly unlikely that you have the exact same tools used here. However it is extremely and highly likely that you do have some that are similar. Due to the nature of this industry you may be subscribed or have bought and paid for some things you may or may not even know how to use. You may have other tools and services prior to considering my coaching program. If you do my recommendation is to cancel them or disregard them because this coaching program has everything that you need.

Again it's not required at all. The reason I strongly recommend this is so when you start with this program you can have a fresh confusion free and hassle free start. The other reason I strongly recommend it if you are using another program whether that be a 3rd party/affiliate program you're probably "PAYING WAY MORE MONEY" AND GETTING "WAY LESS IN VALUE & SUPPORT" CERTAINLY NOT GETTING OR PRODUCING THE RESULTS THAT YOU WANT

That may be why you're here in the first place!