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More About Tynesha 

Tynesha comes from a background with Entrepreneurship. She grew up watching her mother grind and strive for success with business opportunity after business opportunity. Of course, seeing this as a child Tynesha already knew that she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps.

In the summer of 2009, two years after she graduated from high school. Tynesha bit the bullet if you will and dove in headfirst into the home-based business arena. Eleven years later and fifteen or so companies later, she definitely has the bruises and scars to prove her fight for success within the industry.

It is through the many years of failure that she can stand before you today with the education, knowledge, skills, and training that has been obtained within the last couple of years.

That certainly has Tynesha is more than willing to carry the torch and is so passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs business professionals and marketers alike achieve success.

Why? Well, because Tynesha knows what it takes to create and sustain success and also because she knows what it's like to fail and struggle in business. That's why, for the last four years of her life, she has dedicated it to helping people just like yourself realize their dreams of achieving time and financial freedom.


Core Values & Beliefs

Accountability Is Key

In both life and business having accountability is absolutely key. At the end of the day, your word is your bond and that means everything. It doesn't matter whether it's your boss, coach, mentor, or trainer. You will always have to be accountable to someone and vice versa.

Ethics Definitely Speaks Volume

The coaching program was built on the very foundation of doing things ethically and morally correct from day one. It's the belief that when looking to work with anyone. You should find out what their ethics, morals, and values are. To see if their ethics, morals, and values align or mesh well with the ethics, morals, and values of your own. To determine whether working together is going to be a perfect fit for all parties involved.

Integrity Is Extremely Important

Integrity goes a long way in life, and it says a lot about your character as well as who you are as a person. Furthermore, the things that are discussed between Coach and Client. Should never, by any means, be discussed with other clients or anyone outside of the coaching program. Failure to comply and have absolute integrity will cause your access to the coaching program to get terminated.