About Me

Hi and welcome to tynesharenee.com it’s such a pleasure to have you here, and I appreciate you taking time from your busy day.

To come to this very page so that you can learn more about who Tynesha Renee is as well as what Tynesha Renee is all about therefore with that said, of course, my name is Tynesha Renee.

Tynesha Renee’s Early Life

Tynesha ReneeBeing born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and the middle child of my parents. Unfortunately, I was the only child that my parents had to survive. Therefore growing up for me as a child was hard because I grew up alone. Although I had a host of cousins to play with whom all had brothers and sisters it just wasn’t the same for me. Nevertheless, I did have a good life.

 However growing up I got to experience entrepreneurship at an early age. My mother was determined to become a stay home mother. Therefore for years, she tried many different projects while holding down a full-time job.

However, watching both my mom and dad work full-time jobs and come home tired and broken down. I decided then that I didn’t want that kind of life for myself that I didn’t want to work hard for someone that doesn’t give a damn about me at all.

Early Entrepreneurship

However, I almost went back on my word about working a job during my ninth grade year of high school which was 2003-2004. My Spanish teacher recommended me for a job at a theme park here in Birmingham although at the time the park was called VisionLand. However, nowadays the park goes by the name of Alabama Splash Aventure.

Nevertheless, I knocked the interview out of the park, therefore, landing the job. I was hired to be an employee in their gaming department being that I love playing video games.

Unfortunately, after going to orientation, I quickly decided that I  didn’t want to work that job on top of that my mother started her janitorial commercial cleaning service. From 2004-2012, therefore, I spent those years working and helping my mom build the family empire.

My Experience With Multilevel Network Marketing

Prior to my mother starting her business in the cleaning industry. My mom also tried several network marketing business as well. Now of course at the time I wasn’t old enough to join any business opportunities. Therefore I was only able to help on the backend as far as printing materials and helping to distribute said marketing materials.

In 2009 I was finally of legal age to join an mlm biz opp. However, I was very fortunate to do very well with the first company that I was apart of thanks to the help of my mother.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end which is what happened to me. All of my then customers all left me at the same time causing a massive sinkhole in my business if you will.

No matter I tried to do nothing worked, and I eventually left that particular company for another opportunity. Having said that I’ve been in this great industry for 9 years. However, I’ve learned that although network marketing is the greatest profession of all time. It’s a massive machine with a lot of moving parts to it and unfortunately, if you don’t have the proper skills in place, then you’ll continue to struggle.


Tynesha’s Education

In 2008 I enrolled in Westwood College working towards my Bachelors Degree in Game Software Development. Unfortunately, I was an online student where I was teaching myself. I was put in a programming class that I couldn’t do anything with no matter how hard I tried.

In 2009 I transferred to Virginia College of Birmingham (Now Closed) Working towards my Associate Degree In Network Engineering whereas I graduated December 2011.

In 2012 I enrolled in another online college Jones International University (Now Closed) Working on my bachelor degree in Business Management. Sadly business management wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in, but the admissions rep lied to me, which is how I got stuck with this particular major.

My Hobbies

When I have some downtime, I typically enjoy spending time with my family. However, I enjoy reading books, playing cards, board games, and doing crossword puzzles. I also love playing the Sims Franchise( PC games) as well as console games.

Oh yeah, how could I forget that I love computers as well as electronics. I am also very hands on, and I enjoy putting things together. I put together my moms’ bakers rack, and I also put together my dads’ tv stand, but it eventually broke and collapsed lol.